Cause old Alex is looking over the literal palace or whatever


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cheap moncler outlet I am really flummoxed on why Barca do not attempt crosses and headers much, even though those can be relatively, albeit marginally, easier than to penetrate a defense like that of Atletico Madrid.I won claim to know strategy and play like Valverde does, but you watch Real Madrid games and you see their players often attempting even the most improbable crosses and lobs.Barca game of late is overly obsessed with possession. Even in uk moncler sale the game against La Palmas, while drawing for a substantial part of the game and in danger of dropping significant and valuable points, I yearned to see any quality long crosses or passing.Not every time are you going to out maneuver a quarter of the opposing team to walk into the box and score.I see what you mean about Paulinho and considering he seems to be friends with Messi and Suarez he might have a better connection, but moncler outlet online I still think in terms of potential Gomes just has so much talent we could draw out and have been close to doing like in today game. He basically gave Suarez/Pique an assist, got into the position needed to score from a Suarez assist, got a shot on goal, widened the pitch, patched up the right side defensively, and pressed. cheap moncler outlet

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