Death’s battle with his replacement is reminiscent of the

A possible one to For a Few Dollars More: Death’s hourglass running out as New Death bears down on him, only for Miss Flitworth to give up some of her time to give him a chance, is strongly reminiscent of The Man With No Name bringing the second musical pocketwatch into the duel between Mortimer and Indio. Death’s battle with his replacement is reminiscent of the showdown in High Noon, with the combatants facing off and then the protagonist fleeing through the village as he tries to gain an advantage, except it takes place at the other twelve o’clock. The wizards fighting the shopping trolleys sequence has a few to Alien, which Pratchett is fond of referencing in other works as well. The line about the ‘Dark Enchantments’ chocolates (“To deliver a box of chocolates like this, dark strangers drop from chair lifts and abseil down buildings.”), is a reference to the old Cadbury’s Milk Tray adverts, as well as the name of the chocolates themselves being a reference to Black Magic, another type of boxed chocolates. The Priests in the Lost Jeweled Temple of Doom of Offler remark that a chap with a whip got as far as the giant spikes. Miss Flitworth’s line about moping around in her wedding dress forever may be a reference to Great Expectations. The setting of the climax of the Windle storyline is highly reminiscent of Dawn of the Dead (1978). Except that the undead monsters are the heroes, and the evil monster is the shopping mall itself. Bill Door working himself to the point of collapse in a race with the Combination Harvester is reminiscent of the American folk hero John Henry, who worked himself to death competing with a steam drill. Bill Door mentions playing Exclusive Possession for someone’s life once. He was the boot. The New Death’s appearance and some of his dialogue is based on the Witch King of Angmar from The Lord of the Rings (who proclaimed to Gandalf that he was “Death Himself”). Then again, the Witch King has a certain resemblance to the personification of Death in Paradise Lost, as well as the image of a crowned death in medieval iconography. Sanity Slippage: This is the book where the Bursar starts to become unglued and who can blame him? Showdown at High Noon: Played with; Death’s battle against the New Death of Men takes place at midnight rather than high noon, and Death is unamused at his counterpart’s ham handed attempt at “drama”. Sibling Rivalry: Archchancellor Mustrum Ridcully’s brother Hughnon is the High Priest of Blind Io and therefore the leader of Ankh Morpork’s clerics. They get on pretty well, but drop continuous cracks about each other’s vocation: Mustrum: How’s things in the godbothering business.

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