Denise Lovett, an ambitious country girl from Peebles,

S. Eliot as “the first and greatest of English detective novels”. Wham Episode: The chapter containing the revelations from Rachel and (posthumously) Rosanna regarding the thief’s identity.. Denise Lovett, an ambitious country girl from Peebles, Scotland, goes to the city to work at her uncle’s drapery, but instead falls in love with the competition across the street, with The Paradise, and takes up a job there. Her ambitious nature garners the attention of the owner of The Paradise, widower John Moray, much to the displeasure of Miss Audrey, the head of ladieswear; Clara, one of the sale seroflo shopgirls; and Katherine Glendenning, daughter of a wealthy lord who is set on marrying Moray. The series follows the loves and lives of the characters in Northern England..

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