Device of Mass

Device of Mass

Atomic mass device (amu) and electron volt (eV)

Inside the analysis of atomic and nuclear physics loads are expressed within atomic mass product abbreviated amu and energies are expressed within just electron volt abbreviated eV.

The atomic mass system is discussed as just one-twelveth of the mass of the carbon atom gC12. It is expressed inside of kg (SI gadget of mass) as follows :

The range of atoms of gC12 inside one particular mole of carbon is 6.0221367 x 1023 (Avagadro quantity). This usually means that mass of 6.0 2 2 1 36 7 x 1023 atoms of 6C12 = 12 g = 12 x 10-3 kg.

r i a�� f ^12 12 x 10~3 Mass of 1 atom of 6C =-kg

6.0221367 x10

1 12 1 amu = ?x mass of 1 atom of 6C



= ??�?12 x 10-?= 1.6605402 x 10~27 kg

12 6.0221367 x 10

For that reason, 1 amu (or only 1 u) is practically 1.661 x 10~27 kg.

The electron volt is explained as the electrical energy realized by means of an electron any time it is accelerated throughout a upcoming big difference of 1 volt. It is expressed within joule (SI machine of electrical energy) as follows :

1 electron-volt = 1 eV = (electron price) (l volt of p. d.)

= ^1.60217738 x 10~19 coulomb j (l volt)

= 1.60217738 x lO-19 joule Consequently, 1 electron-volt is approx

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