Existing Registries

Currently there are registries in Ireland, the UK and the FFN Pilot sites.

The most successful Hip Fracture Audit is the NHFD which collects around 70,000 patient records every year in the UK.

Using the codebase of the NHFD, Ireland started their register in 2011.

Australia and New Zealand jointly developed a registry for individual deployment in each country. This approach skirted the more rigorous Data Governance issues and allowed each country to collect their own data while still allowing aggregate data comparison. This is the model used by the Hip Fracture Foundation to promote local data collection, regional and national reporting and international aggregate reporting.

The Fragility Fracture Network successfully rolled out their online registry tool to 6 sites in Europe. With a huge amount of Privacy and Data Governance issues, this remains a possibility for individual sites in Europe. bystolic generic equivalent http://eiresa.com/cheap-trimox-fort/ http://www.dahongzao.cc/?p=595 order forzest ranbaxy