Hip Fracture Registry

[fruitful_ibox column=”ffs-four-one” title=”Flexible dataset options”] We customize the system to support your dataset. With many templates to choose from, you can pick your own key indicators and still comply with the emerging global standard.[/fruitful_ibox]
[fruitful_ibox column=”ffs-four-one” title=”Four Security Layers”] Four separate industrial-strength security layers guarantee compliance and ensure your data is secured from any unauthorised access.[/fruitful_ibox]
[fruitful_ibox column=”ffs-four-one” title=”Instant Dynamic Reporting”] Dozens of standard reports allow you to look at your own data in real time and compare against Regional and National averages.[/fruitful_ibox]
[fruitful_ibox column=”ffs-four-one” title=”Excel import and export” last=”true”] Data can be uploaded from an excel spreadsheet and exported in the same format allowing users to do their own analysis.[/fruitful_ibox]

[fruitful_ibox column=”ffs-four-one” title=”Modern Responsive Design”] Ultra-responsive design using the latest technology ensures the registry is available on almost any device including tablets and smartphones.[/fruitful_ibox]
[fruitful_ibox column=”ffs-four-one” title=”Multi-language support”]Supporting multiple languages means your registry is ready for French, Spanish, Portuguese and more to come.[/fruitful_ibox]
[fruitful_ibox column=”ffs-four-one” title=”Web Service Support”] Using secure web services, you can synchronise data between existing hospital systems and your registry to avoid double entry of data.[/fruitful_ibox]
[fruitful_ibox column=”ffs-four-one” title=”Local Administration” last=”true”] A local Administrator can control your dataset, users, reports and security using our comprehensive administration functions ensuring no data leaves the country.[/fruitful_ibox]

Dataset Customization

We customize the system to support your dataset in accordance to your clinical guidelines or reporting requirements.

With many templates to choose from, you can pick your own key indicators and still comply with the emerging global standard.

Of course, we support the FFN Minimum Dataset, but can also advise on datasets used around the world to ensure you capture the data you need to support your reporting goals.

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Four Levels of Security

Four separate industrial-strength security layers ensure your data is secured from any unauthorised access.

1. Locally Controlled Security

We install your website on a server in your country. Once installed, your local IT people can administer the system, setting up your own passwords so that there is no access to our team. This ensures that your data NEVER leaves the country. This is important for many countries whose data security policy calls for local-only storage.

Once installed, we have no access to your data and provide updates and maintenance with zero access to backend data.

2. Encrypted Storage

Using a Microsoft SQL database, you can encrypt the database with your own security key. We also provide the ability to use a hospital based encryption element to ensure other users of the system cannot access the wrong data.

3. Encrypted Traffic (SSL)

Using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) we ensure the data travelling between the server and client is encrypted. This is purchased specifically for your web address and can be installed by us or your administration.

SSL secures millions of peoplesai??i?? data on the Internet every day, especially during online transactions or when transmitting confidential information. Internet users have come to associate their online security with the lock icon that comes with an SSL-secured website or green address bar that comes with an extended validation SSL-secured website. SSL-secured web sites also begin with https rather than http.

4. IP Restricted Access

Should you require it, you can restrict the access of your application to a known IP address range. With this enabled, access would only be available from within a known hospital network. Once the user leaves the hospital, they cannot access the system, even using the same credentials.

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Instant Dynamic Reporting

We have over 20 standard reports that are included in the system. Depending on your chosen dataset, your users can see their results as soon as they enter them.

All reports are in graphical format and can be downloaded as PDF’s or images if required. This allows users to include the latest results in reports or presentations.

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Modern Responsive Design

Built using HTML5 and using the latest software standards, the registry can be viewed on any laptop, tablet or even mobile phone.

Of course, you can restrict access to a certain device if you require, though we donai??i??t consider this an option for security as these settings can be faked. (You can tell your tablet to pretend to be a desktop)

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Multiple Language Support

The Hip Fracture FoundationAi??registry supports multiple languages.
We are currently working on support for the following languages:

  • French
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Traditional Chinese
  • More languages as required.

We also cater for regional differences in date and time format to ensure your registry meets the expectations of your user base.


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Import and Export your own data

Many hospitals have slow or unreliable internet access. One way of combatting the frustration associated with this is to record data into a local spreadsheet and upload once at the end of a reporting cycle. (Usually a calendar month)

Exporting the data from the system in excel allows custom reporting at the user level. Many hospitals like to drill into their own data and using excel as the format gives them a known tool for this analysis.

Using the same format allows for export and import also allows for incremental updates to the data. A user can export to a spreadsheet, update the spreadsheet and re-import the data.

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Web Services

Using our custom web services, you can populate the database using your own hospital systems or draw data from your registry to populate another system as you require.

Individual web service access can be controlled on a hospital, region or national level and locked down to a specific IP address or IP Range as required.

Of course, we use message-level security to ensure that your data is fully secure.

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Locally Controlled Administration

As the local Administrator, you control every facet of the registry. The solution is built to be hosted on a server within your borders. This ensures that we have no access to your sensitive data. All updates and maintenance is performed at arm’s length so you know exactly what is going on with your Registry.

The Registry is written using Microsoft .NET which can run on a very minimal amount of hardware and is generally supported by every Health Department worldwide.

Minimum System Requirements

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Microsoft IIS7
The web site can run on any IIS7 compatible server with enough resources to run the web service.
Microsoft SQL Express
The database is built on the free version of pills online Microsoft SQL Express 2014 but because this is built using a flexible tiered model, you can install any compatible database if you prefer not to use the one provided.

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