Lighting of the Mazzaroth

Lighting of the Mazzaroth

Genesis 1:14
And God claimed, Allow there be lighting within just the firmament of the heaven in direction of divide the working day versus the night time; and allow them be for signs or symptoms …
The standard purpose the lighting within just the firmament exists is in the direction of offer you signs or symptoms. Even the oldest reserve inside of the Bible, Activity (thought in direction of comprise been prepared all through the period of Abraham), mentions the Zodiac (Genesis is imagined towards consist of been prepared all through the period of Moses):
Activity 38:31-32
Canst thou bind the lovable has an effect on of Pleiades, or free the bands of Orion? Canst thou deliver forth Mazzaroth within his year? or canst thou consultant Arcturus with his sons?
The term “Mazzaroth” within just the earlier mentioned verse is presently the Hebrew phrase for the “constellations of the Zodiac.” As a result, why do conventional faculties-of-principle frown upon the science of Astrology? Mainly because they choose scriptures these as Isaiah 47:13-14 at confront great importance; not investigating the background or knowing in direction of whom the phrases was specially directed. They particularly employ it in the direction of everybody!
Make it possible for by now the astrologers, the stargazers, the month to month prognosticators, stand up, and

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