OK, so you missed out on that promotion, you pulled out of

I also wanted to further develop the go kart concept in a few other areas including size, chassis, suspension and independently driven wheels.Size to keep weight as low as possible, provide greater options for racing in carparks and indoors and make for easy transport in the boot of a car rather than a trailer, this design miniaturises the already miniature, hence the name microkart. This will extract maximum performance from the small electric drivetrain.Chassis structurally racing gokarts are flexible enough to lift or at least reduce the pressure http://zhemingne.com/?p=2965 on the inside rear wheel when cornering to counter the effect of a solid rear axel. In this design the rear wheels are driven independently with a motor for each wheel so the chassis will not need to flex for cornering and all four wheels can remain on the road.

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