” Rafferty’s cousin Catcher was named after The Catcher in the

Who wants to look like a Star Trek or Lord of the Rings fan http://mupolo.com.au/newsletter_articles/purchase-duphalac-lactulose/ boy for the rest of their natural born lives?” When speaking of an immortal and extremely angry entity who can destroy all life on earth, Cal, referring to the entity’s habit of singing Roma dirges, says, “Maybe he’ll hit American Idol and that asshole Brit will humiliate him to death.” When Cal sees a female revenant giving birth, he refers to her as “the size of Jabba, times two.” He also refers to Catcher, a werewolf who is stuck in Wolf form as “Chewbacca.” Rafferty’s cousin Catcher was named after The Catcher in the Rye.

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