“Still feeling uneasy, Ayla text her mother, unable to find any

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cheap canada goose Mum urges pregnant women to trust their instincts after her quick thinking saves unborn daughter’s lifeAyla Heller’s daughter was born healthy but it could have been very different12:44, 27 SEP 2017Updated18:07, 27 SEP 2017Happily, Ayla’s daughter was OK thanks to her quick thinking From fertility boosting diets to post partum care and baby milestones, there’s a dizzying wealth of information on every single aspect of having a baby.Sometimes, though, amongst all the clamouring of different opinions and often contradictory advice, it pays to listen to your own instinct.New mum Ayla Heller did this, and it proved to be difference between her baby daughter living and heartbreaking tragedy.In a dramatic Facebook post, and Ayla shares an stark reminder to mums everywhere about the importance that intuition still plays.”The day I turned 38 weeks was obviously just a normal day,” So begins Ayla’s account of what happened. She had got up and gone to work as usual, when she realised “Maddy wasn’t kicking around very much.”But I had assumed she was having a less active day (which happened regularly). By noon, I felt her adjust her position which brought to my attention that she still hadn’t kicked, but at least I had felt some kind of movement.”So the day goes on and I still hadn’t thought much of it until 7pm.”Dalton [Ayla’s husband] put his hand on my belly and asked if she had been kicking.”It was at this point Ayla started to feel anxious, and decided to try to rouse her daughter into moving.”So I took a bath, drank cold orange juice, Dalton poked at my belly, and we even listened to costa allegra ultime notizie her heartbeat with our fetal Doppler (which there was a heartbeat) but still no movement.”We became a little panicked but since I had felt her adjust positions and heard her heartbeat, I knew she was at least alive so I didn’t know what to do.”Still feeling uneasy, Ayla text her mother, unable to find any conclusive advice or guidance online.”Half of everything I read said go in immediately, and the other half said that babies run out of room to kick.”My mom was very persistent and insisted I go in or at least call my midwife. cheap canada goose

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