Supermodel Cara, 20, has dumped up and coming singer Jake after

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Replica Hermes Cara Delevingne has dumped singer Jake BuggJake is devastated by the split with leggy Cara who is being touted as the next Kate Moss22:48, 13 APR 2013Updated09:19, 15 APR 2013Bitten by the Bugg: Jake and Cara (Image: Getty) They had the potential to be the hottest couple in showbiz, but the fever of romance has broken for JAKE BUGG and CARA DELEVINGNE, writes Katie Hind in the Sunday People.Supermodel Cara, 20, has dumped up and coming singer Jake after five months.Both of their careers are starting to take off so it must have been hard for them to find time to spend together. But I gather Jake, 19, is devastated by the split.A source close to Cara told me: “Jake buy pills is very upset. Cara is a great catch and lots of fun. Replica Hermes

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