Tempting Fate: Just before things go to hell

Love Potion: Deconstructed with Rick flat out accusing Morty of trying to roofie Jessica with it and calling him a creep for it. Oh, Crap!: Rick, knowing that it’s bad to give the love serum to someone with the flu, has this reaction when Summer tells him she’s not at the dance because it’s flu season. Painful Transformation: The humans transforming into half human half mantis abominations, and again when they turn into “Cronenbergs”. Person As Noun/Person as Verb: “Cronenberg” and “Cronenberged,” respectfully. Pragmatic Villainy: Despite Rick calling Morty out on the disturbing implications of using a love potion, he first does this once the catastrophe is in full swing. In fact, Rick’s only initial objection to making Morty a love potion is that he considers it is a waste of his talents. Shout Out: The title is a parody of the song “Love Potion No. 9” by The Clovers. Rick refers to the horrific mutations as “Cronenbergs”, referring to David Cronenberg, whose films are known for their Body Horror. Jerry’s haphazardly armored car parodies the car from Dawn of the Dead (2004). During The Stinger http://prime1-rochester.co.uk/2013/06/15/all-of-a-sudden-clinton-had-the-funkiest-band-in-the-world/, Summer reenacts Quint’s monologue from Jaws. The Stinger: In the apocalyptic wasteland populated by “Cronenbergs”, Jerry and Beth are now happier together with Rick and Morty gone, especially since Jerry is now a muscular, rugged badass. Meanwhile, “Cronenberg” versions of Rick and Morty arrive there from a dimension where they turned their world’s population into humans. Tempting Fate: Just before things go to hell, Morty hopes that nothing will go wrong. Thousand Yard Stare: Poor Morty at the end of the episode. Took a Level in Badass: Jerry! When Beth’s life is on the line, he becomes a badass killing machine. Wham Episode: After playing fast and loose with science fiction tropes and cliches for the sake of absurdist comedy, from this episode on, the series shows that horrifying adventures and experiments do, in fact, have long term effect. Morty’s thousand yard stare at the end shows that, even though everything is back to normal, he certainly isn’t. There’s a reason that the working title for this episode was “Nothing Is the Same Anymore”. What the Hell, Hero?: Rick likens the love potion to date rape drugs and gives Morty the gears for forcing him to make it. Morty delivers one back to Rick’s constant fails in creating a cure and making things worse in the process.

It was more than just Dooley. Several buy medrol online no prescription DC bigwigs contributed to the Emerald Twilight we got after they nixed Gerard Jones’ original versionnote (which in a funny bit of irony, was due to the fact that Jones’ version “brought up continuity that ‘no one would get’, ie the Zamarons”, which would later become one of the Green Lantern books’ greatest strength). In fact, Paul Levitz, Mike Carlin, Archie Goodwin, and even Denny O’Neil helped Dooley write the outline that Marz was forced to fully write. In fact, infamously in the letters section in Green Lantern Vol 3 50, a blurb was written that even O’Neil, who had famously written great stories with Hal the Corps, said that Hal Jordan was “too hard to write” and was “either too nice or a jerk, leaving no lasting impression”, while another (from Dooley) stated that Hal was essentially a Flat Character and that things were going to be okay since “nobody was talking about [this] book or even cared about it’s central character to any great extent”.

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