That is a pejorative, and it doesn’t apply to conservatives as

Friedman is correct to single out the right fringe. That is a pejorative, and it doesn’t apply to conservatives as a whole, nor the GOP as a party, except insofar as individuals decide to speak at rallies defending fringe ideas (all too common for a few GOP members of the House this summer trying to run out in front of the parade.) From the moment at a McCain rally a woman claimed Obama was a Muslim, grown ups in DC other than McCain (and that includes, to her shame, Sarah Palin, who made the distinction between her followers and real Americans) have spent too little time setting the record straight. Dangerous territory, that, as Friedman points out. And railing about something else someone said on the left to William Buckley 30 years ago does not set the record straight. If we want to go back that far, let’s talk about Red baiting and Joe McCarthy, because signs about Obama being everything from a Communist to a fascist are all too common at tea bagger rallies.

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Hermes Birkin replica When Republicans held the White House between 2000 and 2008, they demanded that everyone stand with the troops that they sent overseas to fight a costly war waged on false premises. As President Bush stated, Americans could either stand with the president and his war or be considered sympathizers with the enemy. But now that troops have left Iraq and are soon to be leaving Afghanistan, veterans coming home with multiple physical and mental health issues have been left by the Republican led House and a relentlessly filibustering Senate minority to fend for themselves. It’s similar to the GOP’s belief in fighting for children while they’re still growing fetuses in a womb, but cutting off their Medicaid, WIC, and food stamps once they’re born. They’re pro war, but anti vets. Buy They’re pro life, but anti children Hermes Birkin replica.

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