“(The developer) didn’t put up any tangible collateral real

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Advocates explain that community gardening promotes healthy communities, makes fresh food available where it is often scarce or too costly, strengthens community bonds, reduces food miles traveled, provides recreational and therapeutic opportunities, reduces impermeable surfaces, assists in stormwater management, and preserves open spaces. All of which is absolutely true.

A: Those who collect the sweet, saucy, silly and sentimental valentines from other days belong to the National Valentine Collectors Association. It can be reached through its founder, Evalene Pulati, Box 1404, Santa Ana, Calif. However, state and county officials briefed thecouncil and said the risk was low when compared doxazosin cheapest to the potential gains.The park was projected to increase the town’s tax base by 25 percent, and bring in some $75,000 in new revenue over the next two years.But Ferguson said the three council members voted against theproposal Monday because the developer offer of a personal guarantee on the loan wasn’t sufficient security.”(The developer) didn’t put up any tangible collateral real estate,” he said, to protect thetown in event of default on the loan. “We acted just like a bank.

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