” The following season, Martin would go on to make that very

The SGC receive a phone call from a conspiracy theorist named Martin Lloyd, who claims to have information about the stargate; furthermore, upon meeting with O’Neill, he insists that he himself is an alien. O’Neill is initially dismissive of Martin’s claims, but comes to realize there may be more to his story when Carter and Daniel are abducted by a group of shadowy individuals somehow involved with Martin.”Point of No Return” provides examples of the following tropes: Abandoned Warehouse: Dr. Tanner lures Daniel and Carter to one in order to take them hostage The Bait: O’Neill and Teal’c use Martin as bait, putting a GPS tracker on him and following him to where Carter and Daniel are being held when the others come to take him away. Martin is less than thrilled by this. Bound and Gagged: Carter and Daniel end up zip tied to chairs while they’re being interrogated by Tanner’s men. Cassandra Truth: Despite his having accurate knowledge of the stargate, O’Neill doesn’t take Martin’s claims that he’s an alien particularly seriously until they find his spaceship. Come Alone: Martin instructs O’Neill to meet him alone in the message he leaves for the SGC at the beginning of the episode. Conspiracy Theorist: Martin is something of a Deconstruction, since not only do most of his claims turn out to be correct, but the reason he knows the truth is that he himself is an alien. The Cuckoolander Was Right: Since Martin has the demeanor of a Strawman conspiracy theorist who happens to be taking a whole pharmacy’s worth of different psychiatric medications http://www.jpsfaridabad.com/unfortunately-these-vapors-can-also-be-harmful-to-the-pets/, the team initially write him off as a harmless nutjob who stumbled upon some information about the stargate program, only for it to turn out that he really is an alien and he really is being watched by a shady organization who altered his memories. He’s only wrong in thinking that the government was responsible, when in fact it’s his fellow aliens. Escape Pod: It’s revealed that Martin and his comrades crash landed to earth in one of these after deserting their military in the war that destroyed their homeworld. Foreshadowing: When Martin first tells O’Neill what he knows of the stargate, O’Neill responds that it “sounds like a good idea for a TV show.” The following season, Martin would go on to make that very show.

Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: Chopper restoring power also reactivated the Sentry Droids. Ezra impulsively cuts a hole in the cargo price ginette-35 bay door when Zeb has already ordered Chopper to restore power, the latter rendering the former unnecessary. When trying to escape the Sentry Droids later, the giant hole in the door renders it an even less effective barricade, since they can still shoot through it before bashing their way through the door itself. Well, not hero, but Azmorigan shooting down a sentry droid activates all the others. And he didn’t even succeed in putting the first one down. Not Helping Your Case: Ezra wants to get the crew’s trust back. by bringing in Hondo and Azmorigan, and getting them into pirate shenanigans again. Poor Communication Kills: The mission is made a whole lot more dangerous because AP 5 fails to mention that the transport has Mecha Mooks as guards, and if one is attacked the others will automatically be brought online. “Shaggy Dog” Story: For Hondo and Azmorigan, not the rebels. They were looking forward to a cargo filled with treasure, but the crew prioritizes getting the bombs out first and the awakening of the droids means they only have time to get one crate out. Which turned out to be Melch, hidden in the crate so the two wouldn’t leave him behind. Vertigo Effect: When Ezra sees the rest of the sentry droids awakening. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?: Ezra asks this while on the freighter, and the question is naturally answered.

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